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based in Florence and Milan, working worldwide


Researcher and photographer documenting the cultural landscape of places, she holds a PhD cum laude in Architectural, Urban and Interior Design at the Politecnico di Milano, where, she is adjunct professor of an Urban Design Studio and postdoctoral researcher in urban studies. 


Her research and professional interests regard the documentation and analysis of the places’ cultural identity with a focus on the culture of living in contemporary urban environments.

She is founder and board member of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco, based in Florence, Italy, dedicated to dialogue among cultures. Since 2014 she independently conducts research, curatorship projects, educational activities and European projects (Erasmus+). 

In 2014 she was appointed by the Yamagata Prefecture (Japan) Ambassador of tourism and of Tsuyahime rice.

Research places

Prato (Italy), San Paolo (Brazil), Pemba, Maputo and Ibo Island (Mozambique), Favara (Italy)

Latest works for

Comune di Prato - Ufficio Urbanistica

Istituto Italiano di Cultura Montreal (Canada)

Istituto Italiano di Cultura Amburgo (Germania)

Farm Cultural Park - Countless Cities

Life Beyond Tourism - Travel to Dialogue Movement 

Corinna Del Bianco Collaborators

Nooora Alhashimi, Myrto Gatou, Costanza Leoni, Marta Marini, Spencer Nash


In collaboration with

Press Mintlist - press office

Nadav Noah - video editing

Filippo Romano Photography - photography

Niccolò Vonci - photography

Tamal Tal Productions - video

Stefano Gambacciani Architetto - architectural collaboration

Life Beyond Tourism - Travel to Dialogue Movement 

Francesca Pandolfi - landscape architect 

Published articles and books with publishing houses such as

Routledge, Springer, Elsevier, LetteraVentidue, Pacini Editore, Life Beyond Tourism Edizioni, Planum Publisher, Quodlibet, Pontecorboli Editore

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