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Corinna Del Bianco

PhD Architectural and Urban Design

Researcher and photographer documenting the cultural landscape of places, she holds a PhD cum laude in Architectural, Urban and Interior Design. Her research has focused on forms of living in Pemba, Mozambique (Dwellings and Settlements in Pemba, a typo-morphological field study in a changing urban environment) at the Politecnico di Milano, where, she is adjunct professor of an Urban Design Studio. 


Since 2014 she has been an assistant visiting professor at the Josai International University of Tokyo and since 2016, she has been invited to hold workshops and give speeches at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (Wroclaw, Poland), Lublin University of Technology (Lublin, Poland), Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction (Baku, Azerbaijan), Toyo University (Tokyo, Japan), Tohoku University of Art and Design (Yamagata, Japan), International Union of Architects (Baku 2019 Forum), University of Economics of Prague (Prague, Czech Republic), and the Master’s in Design for Development – Architecture, Urban Planning and Heritage in the Global South at the Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy).


She is a board member of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco, and since 2015, she has been coordinating scientific and educational activities related to the Life Beyond Tourism research and movement aimed at fostering development through tourism dynamics, and protecting and enhancing the local cultural identities contributing to dialogue among cultures. She is currently responsible for the management of the Foundation's participation in the European Projects Erasmus+ S.U.R.E, Erasmus+ UNINET and Erasmus+ Educational Game.


In 2020, she founded the Corinna Del Bianco Studio, in which she conducts research, curatorship projects and educational activities on the topics of architecture and urban design. In 2021, the studio was invited to curate two pavilions for the Biennial of the Cities of the World: Countless Cities 2021, organized in Sicily by the Favara Farm Cultural Park. One pavilion is dedicated to the forms of living in São Paulo and another to the circularity of the city of Prato and its Urban Jungle project — with joint curatorship by Valerio Barberis, Council Member for City Planning. The studio was also invited by the Italian Institute of Culture of Hamburg to curate an exhibition and a book focusing on the Archipelago research project for the documentation of the diversity of the Mediterranean islands.


The research conducted mainly focused on development through local heritage and its  relationship with tourism on the one hand, and on the other, to the study of the local cultural context through its self-built houses. In 2011, she founded the research project Spontaneous Living Spaces which consists of three case studies to date: a residential block in a favela of São Paulo (Brazil), the Pok Fu Lam neighbourhood in Hong Kong, and four neighbourhoods in Pemba (Mozambique). The project was born at the Politecnico di Milano under the supervision of Stefano Boeri and Pier Paolo Tamburelli.


Corinna is also the author of four monographs and of several articles for prestigious scientific journals, and is the editor of all the publications of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco – Life Beyond Tourism. The last two monographies covered the Spontaneous Living Spaces experiences in São Paulo with Jardim Filhos da Terra – Spontaneous Living Spaces in São Paulo, with a foreword by Elisabete França, scheduled for publication in March 2021 by LetteraVentidue Edizioni, Siracusa) and in Pemba – Pemba – Spontaneous Living Spaces, with a foreword by Michael Turner, published in October 2020 by Routledge Editor, Oxford.


Corinna continuously fuses architecture with photography, investigating and documenting the social dimension of architecture with photo reportages focusing on local cultural identity.


Since 2009, she has collaborated with Italian and international architectural studios such as Emmanuel Cros Architect, Paris; MDU Architetti, Prato; Stefano Boeri Architetti, Milan; Stefano Gambacciani Architetto, Florence; and Buro Ole Scheeren Architecture, Beijing.

In 2015, she was appointed Ambassador for Tourism and Tsuyahime Rice by the Yamagata Prefecture (Japan).

Corinna Del Bianco Studio Collaborators


Costanza Leoni


Myrto Gatou 

Spencer Nash

Marta Marini


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Press Mintlist - press office

Nadav Noah - video editing

Filippo Romano Photography - photography

Niccolò Vonci - photography

Tamal Tal Productions - video

Stefano Gambacciani Architetto - architectural collaboration

Life Beyond Tourism - Travel to Dialogue Movement 

Francesca Pandolfi - landscape architect 

Published articles and books with publishing houses such as

Routledge, Springer, Elsevier, LetteraVentidue, Pacini Editore, Life Beyond Tourism Edizioni, Planum Publisher, Quodlibet