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Jardim Filhos da Terra, Spontaneous Living Space in São Paulo

Lettera Ventidue, Siracusa, Collana Alleli

Language: English


Pemba: Spontaneous Living Spaces 

Routledge Built Environment City Studies short-form focus series

Language: English

Listed among the best publications of emerging architects of the New Generations Festival 2020


Del Bianco C., Savelli A.

The Life Beyond Tourism Glossary

Nardini Editore, Firenze, ISBN 978-88-404-7431-1

Language: English


Jardim Filhos da Terra

Pacini Editore, Pisa, ISBN 978-88-6315-657-7

Language: English




Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Amburgo Andar per isole / Von Insel zu Insel - eine Reise rund um Italien, RAUM Italic, Berlin. Book in Italian and German.



Museo Casa di Dante

in Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Amburgo Piazza Dante, RAUM Italic, Berlin. p. 37. Book in Italian and German.

The Houses of Jardim Filhos da Terra, Sao Paulo
in Adriana Goni Mazzitelli and Mauro Gil Fournier (edited by) Extitutional Urbanism in Latin America

iQuaderni di U3 – journal of urban studies N.23, year eight, July 2021, cover and pp. 110-120, ISSN 2611-5646 


In the Caucasus​

in David Gogishvili and Alessandro Coppola (edited by) Cities of the South Caucasus: a view from Georgia iQuaderni di U3 – journal of urban studies N.15, year six, July 2018, cover and pp. 88-99, ISSN 1973-9702 

ARTICLES in peer reviewed publications


Generating modern heritage through changing urban environments and identities: a case study from Prato’s (Italy) industrial district, history, and multiculturalism in a polycentric urban setting 

Curator: the museum journal. 00 (0): 1–20.

Hoboken, Wiley. Download here.



Elementi dell’abitare di una città media e policentrica in cambiamento: il caso di Prato

TERRITORIO 103/2022, pp 127-134, DOI: 10.3280/TR2023-103021, Article in Italian. 


Del Bianco, C., Montedoro, L.

Cultural tourism pressure on historic centres: Its impact on public space and intervention strategies for its mitigation. Florence, Italy, as a case study.

Housing and Environment. Cracow, Politechnika Krakowska. ISSN 1731-2442 e-ISSN 2543-8700 . 


Towards a nature-culture relationship in historic centres. Evidence of public spaces beyond tourism in Florence (Italy).

Protection of Cultural Heritage/Ochrona dziedzictwa kulturowego. Warsaw: ICOMOS ISC for theory and Philosphy of Conservation and Restoration 16/2023, e-ISSN  2543-6422, pp. 21-34



Cilona, T., Del Bianco, C.

Favara: cultura e qualità dell’abitare auto-costruito

AA Scientific Journal, n.33 – Dicembre 2022, ISSN n.1827-854X. Article in Italian.



Cilona, T., Del Bianco, C. 

City’s identity and urban redevelopment: a study for the enhancement of self-built houses 

Scientific Journal Quaderni Abitare la Terra/Dwelling on Earth n. 6, 2021, ISSN n. 1592‐8608. Article in Italian. 


Espacios de vida espontáneos: las casas autoconstruidas de Sao Paulo (Brasil), Hong Kong (República Popular China) y Pemba (Mozambique).

Revista El Topo, n. 11 vol. 1, Revista de Sociología Cultural y Urbana. Valparaiso, Chile. Article in Spanish. 




Lejano R. P., Del Bianco C.

The logic of informality: Pattern and process in a São Paulo favela

Geoforum Volume 91, May 2018, Pages 195-205, Elsevier, ISSN 0016-7185

Language: English




Teaching Heritage Preservation and Revitalization of Historical Cities on the Faculties and Schools of Architecture in 19 European and Extra European Countries

in Boguslaw Szmygin (edited by) BEST PRACTICES HANDBOOK “Contemporary realities and needs of sustainable urban rehabilitation”

Erasmus+ Project SURE: Sustainable Urban Rehabilitation in Europe, Lublin 

Politechnika Lubelska, pp. 181-204, ISBN 978-83-7947-262-8

Language: English


Living in Pemba Between Public and Private Space, a morpho – typological field study of selected neighbourhoods

in Giuseppe Amoruso (edited by), Putting Tradition into Practice: Heritage, Place and Design, Proceedings of5th INTBAU International Annual Event, Milano

Springer, pp. 1423-1431, ISSN 2366-2557, ISBN 978-3-319-57936-8, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-57937-5

Language: English




The Houses of Jardim Filhos da Terra

Eda (esempi di architettura) on-line, ISSN 2035 – 7982, MIUR  E199789

Language: English


Surveying Informal Settlements: The São Paulo Case Study of Jardim Filhos da Terra

International Journal of Anthropology, Vol. 29 - n.1-2 (00-00) – 2014, ISSN 0393-9383

Language: English


Editor of more than 20 publications of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco, since 2016.


MIAW 2022 – Re-Inventing Schools, edited by Camillo Magni, Giulia Setti, Corinna Del Bianco, LetteraVentidue, Siracusa.


MIAW 2021 – 2026 The Olympic Games and the City, edited by Camillo Magni, Giulia Setti, Corinna Del Bianco, LetteraVentidue, Siracusa

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