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De Ranieri Art Studio, Pietrasanta, Italy, 2020

At the end of the 19th century, the Angiolo De Ranieri (1834-1911) Art Studio was famous in Querceta di Seravezza, which availed itself of the collaboration of his sons Ermenegildo (1862-1919), Aristide (1865-1926) and Ferruccio (1867- 1957) Aristide moved to France in 1893 where he inaugurated a branch of the study of the father in Paris, in Rue Perseval 10, guaranteeing a constant updating of the styles that have characterized the artistic production of the French capital for years.

As evidence of this artistic partnership, among the numerous works, present not only in Italy but also in various parts of the world, remains the marble Console "Allegoria" which was exhibited at the Gran Salon de Paris.


Currently his nephew Sirio and his son Dino carry on the Art Studio in Querceta, Seravezza, with the same passion and skill.

The Console is now exposed in Palazzo Coppini, Florence.

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