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ENSAP Belleville

Paris, France, 2009

In 2008/2009, at my 3rd year of architecture school, I had the opportunity of doing my ERASMUS program in Paris at the prestigious school of Architecture Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Paris Belleville. The school is actually ranked as the best school of architecture of France. At that time the school was located in a Meccano factory in Rue de Belleville. Then it was moved closely, in a completely new building, in the Boulevard de la Villette. 


It was a very tough year, working non-stop, drawing, making sculptures, working wood, and the school almost became my home. I spent there days and nights with colleagues that were following their love and passion for arts and architecture. 


The last day of exams the atmosphere was suspended. Tension was in the air and the school was almost empty as students were gathered with professors. In this occasion, I went around the old school to document the place that hosted me and my creativity for a whole year and taught me so much. 


Here is the photo reportage I made on that sunny, summer, exams day.

Pictures were taken in 2009.

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